A Little Prayer For Protection

God please protect my beloved Lebanon.
God please protect my dear Beirut.
God please protect 3ammo Carlos, 3amma Carla, 3ammo 6lal, 3ammo 3imad, 3amma Soso, Lara, Anthony, Noor and Taitah Shereen.
God please protect every human soul there.
God please be with them.
God please spare them the pain, hurt and suffering.
It is only you who can.

16 thoughts on “A Little Prayer For Protection”

  1. Thank you all.. inshallah everything will be ok… allah ma3ahom.

    And Ahmed, No.. so far they’re staying there.. it’s their home.

  2. Ya I understand what your saying. I had Lebanese chem teacher he’s from the southern region and he’s refusing to leave Lebanon now.
    I find that a brave, nobel thing to do.

    Anyways, Allah y7fa’6hm 🙂

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