Chapter 2.

“I have a gift for you,” she said and handed me a key chain that had a small purple bear and three keys attached to it. “Thanks. I love it. I needed to replace mine anyway. But what are these for?” I asked holding out the keys. “The first one is for the outer door to our house. The second is for the inner door. And this one’s for my room,” she said.


“So, could you come over or do you have to go to college today?” she said, playfully, expecting my answer to be an enthusiastic Yes. I decided to tease her a little bit so I replied, “I don’t know. Let me check my lectures schedule for the day and get back to you.” She yelled at me between her giggles, “Don’t play with me! You’re coming over whether you like it or not!” I said I would be there in 15 minutes.  

Our lectures did not start before 10 in the morning on Sundays so I was sound asleep in my bed when Layla called and woke me up at 8:30. She told me that she had faked sickness in order to stay home from college that day and that she had waited for everyone to leave the house before she called. “We can have the whole house to ourselves most of the day. Well, at least until 2:30 when my sister comes back from school,” she said in a way that did not leave much room for speculations regarding what we were going to be doing that morning.
I went to the bathroom, took a quick shower and got dressed. I thought of passing by a flowers shop to buy her a bouquet of roses or something but the shops were still closed so I settled for passing by Barnies and getting myself an Ice Strawberry and a cup of Mochachino – 1 sugar, extra caramel – for her. Exactly 15 minutes after we hung up, I was parking my car in front of her house. The moment I got out of the car, I heard the door open and saw her standing behind it. I said good morning and entered.           

She stood there smiling somewhat shyly, which made my heart jump out of its place. She was still in her favorite pink PJ. I knew because she had talked about it lengthily to me before. It consisted of a pink tank top with a big smiling cow in the center of it and matching shorts of which a small similar cow to the one on the top was printed on the right corner of it. She looked so adorable. “I brought coffee for you,” I said and hugged her. She thanked me and led me inside. I have never been into her house before but it felt like I did after all the times that she spent describing it to me. I had a virtual picture of the house saved in my head. We spent half an hour taking a tour of the house. She showed me all the rooms except for hers because as she said, “Let’s save the best for last.”   

It was the first one to the left of the stairs on the second floor. It had purple-painted walls, a bed with purple-colored sheets, a couple of nightstands that carried many framed pictures of her and her family and friends, a large desk that has never been used for studying she told me, a big closet and a window covered with white drapes. I knew every single small detail of this room from our late night chats but seeing it was something very different from imagining it. The first thing I noticed was her characteristic sweet scent that filled the entire room. I looked around admiringly trying to carve every little detail into my memory. After a couple of minutes of standing in silence and looking around, she asked. “So, what do you think?”
“I love it. It’s so cute! It’s the same as you have described it to me but even nicer. And the best thing is, It smells of you. I think I could live here forever.” “I know you could,” she said. I turned around to her and put my hands on her waist. I looked into her eyes. The room was silent but in my head, a symphony was playing. “I love you,” I whispered into her ears even though there was no one around but us. “I love you, too,” she whispered back. 

Faster than we could tell, our lips met and we were kissing. I started to lose sense of everything around us. It was just her and me again. There was no one else. There was nothing else. We had decided to ignore the guilt we felt the first time we made love a couple of days ago. Without even speaking about it, we had agreed that if we did not treat it as an existing feeling, it would eventually just go away. We swept it under a mental carpet away from sight. Nothing could stop us now anyway. Our hands were rediscovering each other’s bodies slowly.


Three hours had passed when we finally put on our under wears again and just lied next to each other on bed. She had her head on my chest and it felt like it belonged there. My heart was dancing in joy. I was here, in her house, in her room, next to her. The world outside did not matter to me. She lifted her head and looked into my eyes. “Khalid, promise me you’ll never leave me. Promise me you’ll always love me,” she said in a faint sound. I kissed her forehead. “I promise. I swear I’ll always love you, Layla. Don’t ever doubt that.” She smiled and rested her head again on my chest. A couple of minutes later, her breathing became steadier. She had fallen asleep. I lied there reminiscing of the wonderful time we just had. Everything that has been said and done kept playing over and over in my mind. I stared at her angelic face while she slept peacefully. She was smiling as a baby does. She was unbelievably beautiful. After a while, I fell asleep smiling, too. 

It was just after 1 o’clock when I woke up to the sound of her mobile phone announcing that a new message has been received. She was still asleep but not on my chest. She had moved her head on to the other pillow on the bed. I reached for the mobile and opened the message by mistake. “Thank you for our talk last night sweetie. I really appreciate it. Take care now :-).” I looked into the message details to see who sent it. It read, Sent by Rami at 1:04pm, Sunday. He was her ex.

29 thoughts on “Chapter 2.”

  1. Good post Bassem..
    I liked it, but the second time is not enough yet for you to know the ins and outs of each other’s bodies…
    I like how detail oriented you are in your writing..
    Waiting for the next post..


  2. you never had sex before,,did you? the story was pretty good, but when you were describing the sex part it was bland and quick which is nothing resembling how sex is during that stage in the relationship,,especially if it’s the second time around, it’s filled with akward innocence infused with passion,,an eagerness to please but not sure how you would go about’s all about exploration

  3. mystique, thanks.. well i guess you’re right about the 2nd time thing but oh well!

    filmgirl, thank you 🙂 and i was thinking my choice of words is my weakest point

    anon, nope i didn’t! but i know all about this stage of exploration though. It’s just that i don’t feel comfortable writing about sex. so it was mainly quick and bland because of that. i’ll work it on it though

    ghada, thanks.. well, it could be a word 😛

  4. :)…

    You know what….
    I’m reading you… but I wasn’t gunna post any reply… 🙂
    Yet now, after your reply to anon’s. I guess I may have some words to add ;), just Now; after your reply, I’m REALLY looking forward for the rest!! 🙂 DON’T ASK! :p
    Yalla Show me what you have! 😛

  5. Simple yet great.
    It gets you to the point.
    Very refreshing.
    and a Great read mashallah.

    Among all those aspiring arab writers/bloggers outthere you are amongst my favorites. The writing was intelligent and the and furious. Which is much desired. Whether one agrees to what you protray in your short stories or not.. no one can deny your talent mashallah.
    Keep it comming 🙂

  6. OUCH! my words exactly as i read the part about the text she got!

    LOVE the way u write! keep them coming plz 🙂

  7. SHIT MAN did u faint cuz i would of or i would of beaten the shit out of my BF if i were in ur position n e way i know u cant hit her but did u at least bite the crap out of ur lips or cry

    i wanna know what happenes
    it better be the next postand soooooooooooooooooooooooon


  8. bassem that was just beautiful..7amastani..yalla POST!
    i actually thought the way u didnt get into detail about the sex was rather sweet. it made it more romantic..lets focus on the romance for once..plz dont ruin the story for me 😀
    we’re waiting bassem..dont take ur time!

  9. i’m not saying he has to turn this story into erotica,,i just thought that the description of the act was off the mark, but other than the story is great

  10. cutie, i’m sorry i HAVE to ask 😛 what was in reply that made you comment?! the rest is coming

    filmgirl, thank you is all i can say 🙂 you’re just too kind
    i try to keep it simple and fast so it doesn’t drag along if u know what i mean.. the story is kinda lengthy itself.
    it’s an honor to me what you said!

    nourah, thank you 🙂 soon you’ll find out insahllah

    perdu, yup.. OUCH! :S wait and see

    sweetestsin, lol! thanks 3al 7mas da kollo wal tafa3ol 😛
    i’m not sure if you’ll find out in the next post though! “hides so he doesn’t get hit”
    and i know, love kinda sux sometimes

    brazillian bella, lol!

    beetle, thank youoo 🙂
    you can’t rush an artist beetle now, can u?! 😛

    anon, i agree but oh well!

  11. You obviously have your readers hooked, so don’t let me hear you complain about being a bad writer again…!

    PS. I get the feeling that you wrote that in a hurry. I just wanted to say take your time when you’re writing something, if you enjoy writing it…you’ll have a masterpiece.

  12. Niiiiiiiiiice, I’m loving el “Laila” series!
    3aref I was going to say eno it’s too good to be true yom tjee elmsg!
    Yallah continue it abee a3ref shy9eer 😉

  13. sedna, lol 7ader!
    yeah i kinda rushed myself in writing it and posted it as soon as i finished it
    the thing is i don’t spend much time refining what i write.. i wish i would though!

    linoog, thanks 🙂 you’ll soon find out

  14. Hey!
    I must say.. I find it funny how you mention at the end of every Laila post that it’s fiction 🙂

    But i have a question; why were u looking at her messages? thta’s called invading her privacy!
    من تدخل فيما لا يعنيه، نال ما لا يرضيه! 😛

  15. bassem first of all lol

    thank god its fiction coz the first thing i was gonna write:


    anyways ….

    dont worry bout anonys comments, inshalah after u get married ull know all about it, ur still to young and its absolutlely normal not to feel comfortable writing about sex.
    not because its 3aib or 7aram or whatever …
    i think sex is the most intimate stage a couple get to reach, it is very very private and has this holiness about it when its out of real love, making love not just having sex.
    anyways imsaying all of this coz i feel the same way u do about it.

    ummmmmmmmmmmm …. other than that
    i love laila 7adha cute the way u write is very delicate and in details feels like watching it not just reading it. very good, hope he doesnt lose it 3la salfat her ex im sure its nothing ;p please make this with a happy ending ..pweeeez 🙂

  16. didi, lol 6ayyeb i have to so ppl don’t think it’s true 😛
    and there’s no such thing as privacy between couples!

    no3ik, lol well, i’m sure we had!
    you speak my thoughts! it’s not sex to me. it’s rather making love. that what makes it more beautiful and intimate. it’s a way to express how you feel towards your other half and it’s not something to be taken lightly

    thanks 🙂 i try to make it easy to imagine everything that’s going on. i’m not sure about the happy ending though.. no promises!

  17. Lighten up, boys and girls. Life is short so live each and every day to its fullest. A little sexual fantasy is a good mental exercise and is completely harmless. Thanks for sharing, Bassem.

  18. Bassem, good work!!
    I’m taking a break from unpacking, so I thought I’d come online and what do I find? 2 story posts!

    YAY 😀 😀 😀

    I’m so tired yet the story is so interesting! Now excuse me while I hop up a post and read the new post 😀

  19. anon, lol you’re welcome

    mocha, al7amdillah 3la alslamah 🙂
    that-it-must-not-be-named can be named now?!

    yup.. go there please.. it’s VERY long though i warn u!

  20. yooooo7! t7amast so much till i read the ‘fiction’ :p
    cant wait to read the sequal, but in lailas defence-the ex only said ‘thankyou for a talk’
    elbint baree2a!

  21. lol why do u keep emphasizing that its fiction ya3ni? its like its not cuz u keep saying that…hmmm interesting……

  22. Hi Rami…
    I just started reading your “Laila”…

    I can’t form an opinion (yet), but I think that you need a lot in order to be a published writer…

    If you want detailed criticism, I can send it to ur email…

    You can call me Mama Maha…I am a writer, and I can give you good advice…I like to encourage young talents..


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