Who’s Layla

It has been said before that truth is stranger than fiction.


The story of Layla is fiction in the sense that she is an imaginary character that I created. There isn’t a Layla, nor there ever was.           

Anyhow, most of the events that I’ve written about have, indeed, taken place at some point or another, in the very same sequence or not. They did not necessarily happen to me even though a considerable portion of them did. I could have been involved in a certain event from a distance or learned about another through a friend and felt that such events should be included in the story. Of course, some events were stretched too thin, some were downright true to the smallest detail and some were completely made up. I did change the names of people involved and altered almost everything that has happened though.    

By doing this, no one could be recognized as a certain character. In addition, no one would know which of the events did actually take place, which did not and which were “borrowed” from someone else’s life.


I’ve been told that there are some things which seem unrealistic but I assure you everything has some truth deep within it in a way or another. You have the choice whether to believe that or not.         

I believe that “You write what you know” and so as you may expect, I cannot write that well about things that I did not have the chance to experience yet such as making love and the process of getting married for instance. I have tried my best to write about such things in a believable way after asking others who have experienced them about their views. However, in the end I expressed my own thoughts regarding how they ought to be.


Some have said that “And they lived happily ever after” is the only thing missing. Well, I can assure you that happily ever after do not exist in real life. Think of the story, and your life for that matter, as segments. Some do have happy endings while others don’t. Life is a series of ups and downs and we’re just trying to make it through in the best way we know how. This story is neither a purely happy nor a purely sad one, which is what makes it real.


There are many who might not approve of the things I portray in Layla but I guess that is just the way it is. I do not try to make up stuff just to impress a certain group of people nor do I try to conceal other stuff to avoid upsetting another group. I apologize, however, if I, unintentionally, crossed the line.


The last question is: Why did I choose to name her Layla? Well, I’ve never met a Layla my whole life so this way it could not have any hidden implications within it. In addition, Layla is one of my absolute favorite female names.


I sure hope you enjoy reading Layla as much as I enjoyed writing it. I appreciate all your kind and supportive comments. I know I’m not the best writer out there but I try very hard to get better.


I wish that one day I could manage to get Layla published. My dreams are too big and too wild you say? Well, I’m still hoping.


Thank you all for reading and loving Layla.

31 thoughts on “Who’s Layla”

  1. Bassem, what are goals if they don’t start with a simple dream!? Never say never!! and never let anyone convince u that ur dreams are too big… The only reason u have those dreams is because somewhere inside ur head, u believe that u can achieve them… Good luck my man 🙂

  2. Bassem,no dream is too big or too wild, all u need to do is develop a dream then work on making it a reality, and ur doing that already, i love the way u write, u r indeed talented with words, and i also love “Laila” so please post some more wibsir3a and yeah thats it 🙂

  3. wedad, lol @ cool ;)thank you

    OT, i do believe i can achieve them 🙂 i hope i do

    princess, thank you 🙂 i will inshallah 😉

  4. Some of you might not approve of the things I portray in Laila but I guess that’s just the way it is. I don’t try to make up stuff just to impress a certain group of people nor do I try to conceal other stuff to avoid upsetting another group of people.

    I, for one, approve of whatever you do. It’s your life after all, so who are we to try and control it? 😛
    An author is a great author when he/she just writes what he/she wants to write about, regardless of the reaction the writings will get. 😉

  5. Some have said that “And they lived happily ever after” is the only thing missing so far.

    I don’t think there is such a thing as happily ever after either, it just doesn’t happen in real life.. And I think you are trying to make it as real as possible, am I right? (Besides law fi ‘happily ever after’ then the story finishes and we don’t get to read no more Laila’s =P)

    I am enjoying it hehe and good luck with making it a novel! I think it is novel-material! 😉

  6. its a good thing she is made up coz i starting to get jelous 😛

    anyhoo i read all your laila stories and they are soooo nice and u are so taleted (bsm allah 3alek ya 7oby a8ra2 3ala nsfk :P) you should write more storeis there really nice o marrah te7ams eno alwa7d ye8ra2ha

  7. mocha, i take it i’m a great author then?! lol thanks

    linooh, yup.. no such thing as happily ever after in real life.
    I think it’s novel material too 😉

    bal8ees, lol.. enty agry 3alayya kman 😛
    Thank you 🙂 inshallah i will

  8. At least you have a dream.. good luck in achieving it.. I remember a day a few years ago when sunshine, White witch, Shimozi and I were laying on the beach and had this idea of writing a book; sort of a diary/autobiography about our lives in Jeddah, and publish it under some name.. (Rememebr girls?? 😉 ) now here we are, blogging.. a mini-dream come true 🙂

  9. didi, get together and start writing then 😉

    sedna, thanks

    diabz, well.. i have thought of diabz but then decided i’d go with Laila 😛

  10. This post is long over due..
    You should have posted this before starting the “Laila” series to avoid any misunderstandings. Bas still, its good that you cleared things up. Makes stuff more interesting to know enna this might have happened ;p and might have not..

    Great post ;p Yalla whens the next Laila?

  11. hopin too read wts happennin next ;).. be it real or made up.. elmohim goooooooood detailed captivating story.. just like ur previous entries ;*

  12. filmgirl, at first i thought i’d let ppl think whatever they want to think but then i got asked too many times about Laila so i figured i should just clear things up
    more intresting indeed 😉
    Today inshallah 🙂

    foof, 😦

    jiji, thank you

    zhrat, thanks! today inshallah

  13. Hello Bassem. I had told u my comments the first time I read the 24chapters. I’m frankly amazed that u’ve done my suggestions, whether the name of the characters or the name of the chapters 🙂

    I only have one comment regarding wine. Re-think about it. even when you quitted you didnt make it so clear “tawba..etc”

    all I can say is that IT’S WORTH PUBLISHING !
    seriously, go to Egypt and publish it. Raja2 al 9ane3 isn’t better than you 😉

    aah and free copy for me bs 😛

  14. Hey Lamees, well your comments made perfect sense to me and I found myself agreeing with you therefore I followed your suggestions. You see, the story itself evolved in many ways due to valuable comments from readers like you and I appreciate any help I can get 🙂

    hmm… I guess the wine thing could have been handled a little bit better.. I’ll see about it

    and thanks for your enthusiasm! One day inshallah once I’m done with school and have some free time to myself inshallah… and hopefully this isn’t my last novel 😉
    and a free copy to you for sure!

  15. I’m just imaging how do u feel after u finished it. happy yet sad. happy for the achievement but sad for missing Layla 🙂

    again, congrats & looking forward to seeing it in bookstores!

  16. Lamees, it’s amazing how you managed to put it that accurately! That is exactly how I felt… I also felt a little bit empty… It took me over a year to finish it and when it was done I truly felt that I’m going to miss Layla.. and I do! It’s been a big part of my life !
    Inshallah one day it’ll be in book stores beside other books of mine 🙂

  17. finished chapter one and two now ^^

    Oh and Layla is the best choice to name this book. Layla is also my top-faviourite-name (and I know a Leila 😉 ) Layla is passion, Layla is grace, Layla is sensuality…just like your story is, at least until chapter 2.

    Keep it up! And i will continue reading! 😉



  18. Very true.. Layla does convey all of that 🙂 Tell your friend to read the story in her name 😛
    Hope you like how it progresses as you go along

  19. really?

    thats just fair then…:p

    did you get some real bad marks because of that? hehe…ok ok…i am not that mean…;)

  20. al7amwhat? (me does not know arabic :()

    good that your marks are always good! 😉

    (my work is always still good grrr…)

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