I’m willing to discard all the others
Wash them away like stains
I’ll pledge my loyalty for you forever
Only you shall always remain
They’re simply minor distractions
Poor substitutes for you, my occupier
They hardly ever fill a fraction
Of this heart which is filled with desire
Just looking into your deep eyes
Sends a shiver right through my spine
A sensation more marvelous than I
Have ever experienced my whole life
There can never be a comparison
Between you and anyone else
Don’t you see it’s unfair to any of them?
You can only compete with yourself
No matter how beautiful they might be
They’re not half as beautiful as you are
They never had a part of me
But you have complete ownership of my heart

11 thoughts on “Stains”

  1. Haven’t you ever considered studying literatur instead??
    Someone with a talent of yours can use more of the Tri meter, Terta meter, Penta meter, Hexa meter, Hepta meter, Octa meter…. whatever Crap meter that was completely a waste on me!! 🙂

    A Doctor.. & a Poet??
    well I’m definitely sure now that girls would go praying:”Pick me! pick me! Pick me!” more than ever! :P:P:P

    O 6ab3n I read your comments on others’ blogs… I’m one of your 45246837468371 fans!.. 3la gol BJ 😉

  2. I considered taking Creative Writing classes in the summer before somewhere abroad 😉 bs now i can’t because my summers should be spent at hospitals training!
    i have no clue what these meters are!
    and lol.. no i don’t think any girl is praying pick me!
    hopefully i’ll find someone i’m willing to pray pick me pick me 🙂

    And you’re a good fan lol BJ is too btw 😛 she just bugs others about it coz she doesn’t wanna be alone!

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    that was sooooooooooooooo nice
    egggggg3333ed yally yektob poems 😛
    o 9a7 lsank 😀

  4. That was really good but at the end..

    You have complete ownership of me
    You reside in the chambers of my heart..

    for a minute there I thought u would go into detail…u know with the aeorta, atriums, ventricles,valves and septum etc…

  5. “No matter how beautiful they might be
    They’re not half as beautiful as you are
    You have complete ownership of me
    You reside in the chambers of my heart”…awwwwwwwwwww and also exquisite (cnt spell) a7la shay i read this morning 🙂

  6. bal8ees, loool thank you 🙂
    welcome back !

    c’est la vie, lol well im the one who’s studying these things it never occured to me but now it won’t get out of my mind!
    i changed it to suit the whole concept more

    princess, 🙂 i changed it a little bit now

  7. princess, i don’t know kida i felt like changing it lol

    didi, 🙂
    get in line dear 😛
    and oh well. i felt like changing it

  8. wow also wonderful poem!!!
    it touched me!

    but then…

    i read C’est la vie’s comment and i had to laugh so hard…hehe

    publish some more if you have!!!!!11oneoneeleven

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