I look into her eyes
She looks right through me
For something in the distance
For someone I want to be but I’ll never be
I tell her I love her
I tell her I want to be her man
She says, that’s sweet of you
But I’m someone hard to understand
I’m only your friend
Believe me we can never be more
One day we’ll hurt each other
And we’ll wish everything is like it was before
You and I are different
I don’t think we’ll be good together
Don’t tell me take a chance on us
If it doesn’t work out we’ll pay the price forever
What we have is great
Why do you want to risk it away?
Is it really worth it in the end?
When the so-called love disappears one day?
Take my hand in yours
This is us. This is me and you
Smile for the memories we share
Rejoice in knowing that this is pure and true
You’ll meet someone else
You’ll tell me how beautiful she is
How you met. How you fell for her
You’ll tell me all about your first kiss
You’ll invite me to your wedding
And I’ll be your guest of honor
I’ll wish you all the happiness of the world
Then kiss you and hug you to your wife’s horror
And one day hopefully
You’ll do the same thing for me too
Drive my husband crazy then
Hug me and kiss me like you always do
This is how it’s meant to be
Promise me that this is never going to end.
Promise me we’ll always stay this way
Promise me we’ll always be friends

12 thoughts on “Friends”

  1. This is the cutest thing i’ve ever read :(…

    But the girl is right..
    If things didnt go right between the 2 of you then it will never be the same again.. ( when u guys were friends )..
    So why risk it? 🙂

    Great post loved it.. 😉

  2. orchid, thank you 🙂
    don’t sigh wla ya7zanon! you’ll find someone who’ll love u more than this inshallah!

    fifi, why the sad face then?
    i guess u can’t help wondering sometimes what it would be like if.. and the risk is too much when thigns r great as it is… it’s a delimma really!
    only time could tell 😉 for now they should keep it like it is

  3. “I’m only your friend
    Believe me we can never be more”

    I really, truly, honestly, DESPISE this cliche’!…
    What a polite way to reject an in-love human being! :S
    IT IS A REJECTION… period! 🙂

    BTW: I do encourage to risk the relationship!.. The heart wants what the heart wants.. And if it’s not for THE BEST, I’m someone who cannot repress my feelings & settle for friendship, 7ta if it was great!….

  4. faith, thank you 🙂 lol

    cutie, who said it wasn’t a cliche? and who said it wasn’t a rejection? it is those exact things

    i believe in risking it too but then both of them has to take the risk and not only one. And if the other person refused to risk it with u then i believe after a time u kind of surrender to what u have

    c’est la vie, it’s not sad and it’s not happy.. it’s just mixed emotions

  5. uff bassem u suck!! i hate this poem!! its so true!! u should never ever ever ever ever develop ur friendship into a love relationship thing, lan once its gone, its gone and u can never ever be friends again! EVER!! 😦 and u dnt suck, much

  6. euphoria, lol

    princess, leeh kida! once it’s gone it’s gone but sometimes the risk is worth it.. and lol thanks i guess! 😛

  7. True to the extent that it tortures!!!
    I was just gonna say that it can be a great thing if both partners agreed on it. One side love can never work except making the loving side more miserable!!

    I raise my hat for you Bassem 🙂

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