Diabetes Awareness Program

If you or one of your close friends or family have been diagnosed with Diabetes then you should attend the Diabetes Awareness Program being held at “Madinat Al-Malek Fahd Al-Sa7leyya” from Tuesday 12/12/2006 to Thursday 14/12/2006. It’s an open invitation.

The activities will be on two periods; the first from 10am till 2pm and then the second from 5pm till 9pm each day.

It will include medical consultations, lectures, presents and fun activities for children and much more.

You could attend and get the full program schedule there.

I’ll be there as a part of the volunteering organizing committee each day on the 2nd period. That should be enough reason to attend 😛

And as a side note, our Medicine EOP Final results were posted yesterday. Turns out I was harder on myself than the doctors who corrected my paper. I got an “A” in the end not a B+. Mashallah 3alayya !

4 thoughts on “Diabetes Awareness Program”

  1. LooooooL
    from tuesday 12/12 to thursday 14/14???? looooooool that really made me laugh thank you 🙂

    Congrats on your A, so happy for you! keep it up doc!

  2. j3wel: i didn’t notice!! LOL!!

    bassem: ya sarrraaaaaag al post!! i was gonna write about this; instead i worte about jewel’s nails 😛 😛

  3. mocha, u were right 😉

    jewelz, lol i didn’t notice that! ok got it fixed now! and it’s good u laughed 😛

    didi, ana many sarrag wla 7ajah i chose to write about and u preferred jewel’z nails! not my fault
    and i’ve been there today and u weren’t so u have no right to object!

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