Closer Than My Veins

I try to keep my distance
But I don’t see the difference
You’re closer than my veins are
At night I say a little prayer
To wake up and not find you there
Still residing inside of my heart
I try to rip you off my skin
But you’re attached deeply within
Between memories and old scars
I ruin this perfect picture
Of you and me together
I taint it with black tears and tar
How I hate photographs
The happiness we used to have
Seems unrealistic and exceedingly far
Let it all burn to the ground
We are all destined to fall down
I just pray next time I don’t fall this hard

9 thoughts on “Closer Than My Veins”

  1. But what has happened to you?

    Everything seemed fine: trip to Europe, novel finished, exams passed, medical campaigns led to success… then suddenly you are back to I-try-to-rip-you-off-my-skin mood?

    don’t tell me “it’s just a poem”; it’s never “just a poem”…

  2. natalia, lol i guess i’ll explain everything in the next post 😉

    it’s not “just a poem” it’s never just a poem lol you’re right

  3. Ameen!!

    True they might have been great memories but it’s true they will be forgetten one day, yeah one day 🙂

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