Deserted Shelf

I dream of her and I don’t care
If she’s dreaming of someone else
I wish her heaven and for that I’m willing to go to hell
She smiles and I smile back
By doing so I only hurt myself
I store my feelings in a box and put it up on a deserted shelf
My mouth bleeds from inside
Cut by the words trapped within
Somehow she has broken my defenses and let herself in
She has complete power over me
And being weak makes me scared
I fear one day I’ll look for her and I won’t find her there
Taken away by another man
Stolen from my pleasant dreams
But if my loss means her happiness then it’s fine with me

15 thoughts on “Deserted Shelf”

  1. Actually… Glow! you are right.

    But this is poetry, you know.

    I am sure Bassem doesn’ mean it(evil grin) … it just sounds soooooooo romantic 😉

  2. lol well i see that both of u has diff opinions and holding on to them 😛

    Don’t rush to conclusions nat 😛 i’m not in love lol i’m just dealing with a feeling that hopefully will go away

    But regarding the subject, it’s fine with me! it’s not just poetry..
    i believe in fate and that whole deal so i’ll be ok with anyone being happy with someone else.

  3. OK, it’s not a crush.

    It’s just a “feeling” that “hopefuly would go away”.

    But prey tell, doc, why don’t you invent some treatment for that “feeling”?

    It is potentialy a very harmful thingy, you know.

    Ever heared of Romeo and Juliette? 😉

  4. Nat, lol don’t worry i know the treatment and it’s actually working 😉

    euphoria, thank you 🙂
    and you shouldn’t feel down that’s the opposite intention of my poem lol hope u feel better
    ps. miss u

    lost woman,
    glad you liked it and welcome to my blog

  5. that's poem is very wonderful
    I like the feeling in it
    It is very broken-hearted & pained
    but It is tell the real sad story in life many of peoples
    this feeling is very hard
    if your heart gone to the person he don't care by your love for him
    & hard more if he gone with another person
    & leave you alone in all this pain
    you wish if he come & take tears away
    thank you bassem on the nice words

  6. Nonna, well, unfortunately, you can’t control who your heart falls for… you just can control how you react to it
    And you can’t make anyone care for you if they don’t
    so sometimes the best thing to do is step away and watch from afar and wish them all the best

  7. Awwwch!!
    It so painful, the feeling I mean of the girl you love disappear especially her being so slefish and you being so blinded by love to the extent that you would easily throw yourself in hell with the devil just to rescue her!!

    Can’t believe such guys exist!!

  8. Susu, you can’t say that she or he is selfish because she didn’t return your feelings… it’s not something you can control lel2saf or life would’ve been a lot easier ! And he’s simply the self sacrificing type…

    and there are guys like that… just rare

  9. You always respond in a way that forces me to say
    TRUE because it is TRUE

    If such sacrificing guys exist plus such faithful girls, we would be living in Utopia!! Idealistic Earth that should make every one happy and moreover content!!

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