I must confess I don’t remember the last time we kissed
I feel guilty but in my defense, I didn’t know it was going to be our last
And I can’t help feeling that there’s something I’ve missed
So, do you think I could kiss you one final time or is it too much to ask?
I also find it hard to remember our last conversation
I just know that we’ve talked about nothing and everything for hours
We were talking randomly without much concentration
You mentioned something about wanting a thousand white flowers
I think I foolishly promised you that and more
Now I don’t I have the chance to keep the promise I’ve made to you
You know I’ve never broken a promise before
But I guess it’s not my choice this time, there’s nothing much I can do
For what it’s worth, I love you and I always will
But I know that someday you’ll fade away into a beautiful past
I just want to steal a moment in which time stands still
Do you think I could kiss you one final time or is it too much to ask?

9 thoughts on “Kiss”

  1. you know.. this kinda reminds me of one of the Nicholas Sparks books, maybe the Notebook, maybe a Bend in the Road.. i dont know which bas.. i love the idea of it.. just one last time…

  2. nice post ,, really i like it romantic author :p
    btw ,, i invited u 2 my blog but i am not sure if u recieve the invitation 🙂
    c ya

  3. why is it that everytime i read ur writings , especially after reading Layla, i get this feeling that i somehow know you but im 10000% sure that i dont! maybe ive met you in another world or something hehe strange!

  4. sous, you know what’s funny? I’ve heard this Nicholas Sparks comment many times regarding my story and such as in this case, my poems. I guess I should be proud because he’s one of the ebst selling authors internationally! Thank you 🙂

    sawsan, replied personally !

    glow, you’re sweet

    running, lol maybe we did, you never knwo! or maybe it just shows that we’re not as distant as we seem to be and that at the bottom of things humans are alike especially in love and pain

  5. This post reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy! The Bomb episode.
    Very touching. You keep on impressing us more & more with every new writing!
    Keep it up Bassem 🙂

  6. Tormenting!!
    It hurts till the bone when love fades from the heart of the person we love. We do make ridiculous things sometimes such as begging that dead heart for a second chance!!
    Reality strikes but difinitely makes us wiser and self-aware!!

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