I Sleep On Her Side of the Bed

I sleep on her side of the bed
I lay my head on her pillow
And cover myself with the scent of her that is yet to disappear
I close my eyes dreaming of one thing
And I wake up wishing for one thing
I dream and wish in the morning she would be here
I read yesterday’s newspapers
I drink my coffee black
No cream or sugar. The same way she used to drink hers
I shower and dress up
To get on with another meaningless day
I leave after I kiss goodbye each of her framed pictures
I listen to Fairouz in my car
Singing in a childish way like she used to do
Is it illogical that I still feel her presence by my side?
I hold the air as if it’s her hand
The miles seem to grow longer
And I smile so I don’t break down and cry
I come back home to emptiness
Silence can be so loud sometimes
But I escape to the sound of her voice in my head
I wait for night to come
So I can finally surrender again
And go to sleep on her side of the bed

13 thoughts on “I Sleep On Her Side of the Bed”

  1. Mesmerizing Bassem, as usual!!
    I found it amazing, siply amazing!!
    Nothing hurts as much as losing a dear person!! What kills more is the presence of this person as you mentioned!!

    It kills you so slowly and it wounds hardly heal!!

    My thumb goes up to you 🙂

  2. << responding to the guitar thingy , i already have a classic one geez it freaks me out i hate it sound..
    cool u better play it again so we make Me band 😛 with gay sounds 😛 btw it’s more,waaaaaaay,soo KOOL 😛

  3. Susu, thank you.. this is one of my most favorite poems
    The presence of those persons you lost is haunting and it does make the wounds harder to heal

    Nadia, glad you think so

    Twilight, your comments are always appreciated 🙂

    Samaher, thanks! and come on, the classic isn’t so bad! lol wallah it’s a plan of mine to start playing again… don’t know if i’ll be able to make it happen though!

  4. Damara, that’s an amazing compliment actually !

    Faten, the last verse if my favorite 😉 and I said here that it’s one of my favorite poems. Glad you liked it

  5. “So I can finally surrender again
    And go to sleep on her side of the bed”
    Its being defenseless…….totally losing who u are……giving up to who u can be when u are with the one u love……….
    MAN this is EXCELLENT…….so pure……soooooooo awesome……
    Keep on amazing me young man!!!

  6. I liked the whole poem, but the part I loved is “listening to Fairouz”part.

    As a half Lebanese i felt like jumping even though the poem contains loads
    of sadness; I thought he actually mentioned Fairouz.

    This is the reaction you get when I’m missing Lebanon 😦 .

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