She Said

She said, “Be careful when you walk into my life, please
Sharp pieces of my broken soul are scattered everywhere
And don’t drown in the blood of wounds that are yet to heal
Many have tried to reach my heart before but no one got there
Don’t be afraid to touch my scars when you’re passing through
I’ll tell you the story behind each one and hopefully you’ll understand
I’m praying that you make it all the way here. I have faith in you
I’ve told complete strangers that you’re strong enough to be my man
You say I have a smile that could light up the darkest of places
And eyes which cry tears that could melt down ice and stone
You say God has blessed me with the most angelic form of faces
You’re betting everything that this is right when it could be wrong
What if I hurt you the same way I’ve been hurt before?
Would you stay? Or would you turn around and walk away?
Tell me, What if I wasn’t what you were looking for?”
“I’ve been looking for the wrong things all that time” is what I’ll say

10 thoughts on “She Said”

  1. hmm..also interesting poem! Hey would you mind if i copy some of your poems to save them on my homepage (i “collect” all forms of art there ;)) ? Of course i will write down your name and not mine…?

  2. hehe yes somtimes i am missing some words, at least in english language 😉 thats why this comment was so short. and i needed long time to understand the last sentence, but finally i got it (after writing the comment) 😉

  3. Maha, thank you 🙂 It is my favorite too. Such a shame that most of our experiences in life are based on trial and error. Jus tlooking and looking hoping to find what’s right.

  4. I think this is great enough to be put/used as lyrics 😀

    I can relate to the emotions, especially in “being “hurt”, lost and finding that special someone; only to be taken down in the end.

    Hope to see more of this.

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