17 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Medical Specialty”

  1. 7abbeeeeeeeeeit, bt y r surgeons mean??

    I guess emergency medicine 😀

    this works better thn the lectures they give to help u decide 😉

  2. Sawsan, lol nah i don’t think you’re mean enough 😛

    NoOoOoOn, it’s not about being mean but they have their certain attitude!
    and nothing really can decide other than actual experience in working in whatever particular field you’re interested in

    Damara, EM is a good choice that i’m contemplating myself!

  3. u r so right i used to consider pediatric as a choice but when i started the rotation at the begining of this week i just cancelled tht option..

    emergency medicine wasn’t an option until recently but i really like it. it was my final result on ur diagram as well thtz why i said it’s better thn the lectures 🙂

  4. NoOoOoOn, 7ram 3laiky! but i guess it’s all a matter of personal preference 😉 Pediatrics is my main interest.
    EM is also very exciting as i said but it has its own drawbacks especially when it comes to the shifts

    lily, lol i see a lot of ppl are crazy with a short attention span 😛

    Ala’a, tsk tsk! why do u hate children

  5. Bassem, mu 7aram 3layya..7aram 3aleikom ento the other day i was on the verge of crying when a lab specialist tried to take a blood sample from a baby, n i couldnt just leave until the baby was okay again..my friend started to call the baby: Noon’s baby n the lab specialist said i’ll be a lousy pediatrician…so, akid not pediatric medicine but maybe, pediatric surgeon 😉

  6. Hmm.. How can you become a pediatric surgeon when you couldn’t witness even a simple procedure such as blood withdrawal?! I’m not breaking your wings or anything but you have to learn to keep your emotions intact when you manage any patient in order to help him/her in the best possible way. It’s hard and i’m still trying to control but al7amdellah i think i found the right balance 🙂 Good luck. Peds surgery was my 1st choice some time ago.

  7. Well, when I’m operating they are asleep not awake looking me in the eye as if i’m the queen of all evil :s I just love children…so, i guess i’m going to keep my hands of them (neither physician nor surgeon :P)until they become healthy agian with your help 😀

    and good luck in your approach and hopefully you will have total control by the time you graduate and specialize 🙂

  8. dermatologists think big ? dont think so 😛

    Why isnt there a specialty for all those crazy med. students but are also hardworking ?:P I object !

  9. Cookies, loool think big as in dealing with a big obvious thing such as skin 😛 no brains involved lol
    That’s a hard combintation u have there !

    Manutdfanatic, Inshallah you become a surgeon then

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