An English Poetry Book

Naturally, like any aspiring writer, I always dreamed of publishing my work. ( Layla ) was my first attempt at publishing a novel but it proved to be more difficult than I have ever imagined. Of course my second novel ( Hope ) is still a working progress that is temporarily halted due to lack of time and inspiration.

Most of you know that I also write poems, both in Arabic and English. I always pictured myself publishing these poems in a book one day once I have enough of what I consider worthy of publishing.

Sometimes I entertained the idea of publishing a book that is a collection of poems written by the many young talented Saudi writers scattered all over the kingdom. I’m an avid reader of other people’s works whether printed and published or simply shared online through the various outlets available in the cyber world. Every once in a while I read something that makes me think to myself, it would be a shame if this piece wasn’t published so that more people can enjoy it and so that this writer gets his or her proper exposure.

When I shared this idea with a talented friend of mine, Hasan Eid, he was very enthusiastic about it, perhaps more than I ever was. After talking and discussing our options, we finally decided to go through with it.

It’s still an idea. We don’t know what’s going to happen exactly yet or if it’s ever going to see the day of light but we’re hopeful. For now, we thought it would be best if we started by making a rough draft of what we want to publish.

Basically, this book will contain Hasan’s and my poems in addition to various poems by anyone whom we see fit. If you want to be a part of this dream, please go to our group called Saudi Writers on Facebook and post 1-5 poems of your work in English in the discussion post titled Poetry for The Book. In a couple of months from now, Hasan and I will choose the best ones, contact their creators, and officially tell them that their poems have been selected.

This is our chance to do something that will make us all proud. Our talents should not be secluded in certain forums or websites. Let us show the world that we can write!

Saudi Writers Group


11 thoughts on “An English Poetry Book”

  1. Faten, we’re hoping these great voices share their talents with us!

    cooookies, how can we be more creative? help us! any ideas you’ve got will be appreciated

    crispy, i don’t fully understand what you mean. If you mean we should publish our work online, then we have already done that and now we’re trying to take it to another level

    Manutdfanatic, thanks! Care to contribute anything?

    His Sweetheart, always supportive! 🙂

  2. awwww Bassem , It’s a great idea 😀

    I wish if I could help , but my writings are so horrible :S

    I can give u some ideas for the book , remind me !!

    wish u the best of luck 😉


  3. Who said your writings are horrible? Go ahead and post some of yours maybe there’s something impressive for all of us to read !

    Please feel free to share any ideas. Thanks!

  4. DreamerGirl, unfortunately, this is the basic theme of the book. Most writers from other countries have better chances of getting published than they do here. That is why this is an effort to try to bring some of the talents this country have to the front.
    Hopefully the next book inshallah 🙂

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