KAU Medical School Newsletter

MSN Issue 1

Issue 1 is OUT NOW!

The first newsletter to be published by KAU Medical School is finally out. It was a dream that has finally come true after a year of planning and hard work. This newsletter is the result of the collaboration of many talented and exceptional individuals who didn’t spare neither time nor effort to make this thought become reality.

I can’t adequately describe the way I felt as students, house officers, residents and even consultants flipped through the pages with admiring eyes today as we distributed the newsletter throughout college and the university hospital. The feedback we have been getting is overwhelming to say the least. All the hours and sleepless nights invested in this project are paying off now.

This is only the beginning. I hope that the best is yet to come. I can’t imagine what it must feel like if a couple of years from now I came back to my medical school and saw the 20th or 30th issue being distributed.

Today, I sleep well with a proud heart!

All KAU Medical students and doctors are welcome to join us. Please send your contributions and information to our email address and we will contact you back.


or more information regarding distribution and where you can find your copy visit our Facebook Group.

The E-version should be available within a few days on the KAU Faculty of Medicine website.

Please read the newsletter and spread the word. Share it with your friends and tell others. All comments and feedback are appreciated.

PS. I’m the Editor-in-Chief 😉

3 thoughts on “KAU Medical School Newsletter”

  1. Hello Mr. Bassem,

    I am an engineering student at KAU in charge of the Faculty of Engineering newsletter. I’ve been trying to get access to previously published newsletters at KAU from various departments when I’ve stumbled upon your blog. I tried to click on the links provided including the one on facebook but they seem to be out of date. I do realize that this post is very old, but I was wondering if you could kindly send me an electronic copy of your newsletter at reem.i.masoud@gmail.com . Your help is highly appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Reem I. Masoud

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