In New York

In the snow covered streets of New York
In the glass walls of Manhattan’s skyscrapers
In the ceiling of my 1st Avenue apartment
In the faces of everyday random strangers
I see you
In the loud cheers of the Knicks fans
In the quiet whisper of couples in Central Park
In the indistinct sounds of casual conversations
In the silence of my lonely room after dark
I hear you
In the freezing cold of the night
In the warmth of an unexpected sunny day
In the excitement of mothers with their newborns
In the accidental touch of strangers passing my way
I feel you
In the heartache I feel seeing happy couples
In the solitude I feel wandering the neighbourhood
In the only joy I feel when I talk to you late at night
Without you, nothing tastes, sounds or looks as good
I miss you

8 thoughts on “In New York”

  1. This is the first time I visit your blog and read. Now I am sure that I will come back.
    I liked this piece of writing a lot. It makes me imagine feeling, hearing and seeing the situations you described.

    Rabaa MB

  2. Very Sensual *Ma sha Allah*
    I’m sure i’ll be coming back to read this every once in a while inshaAllah..
    Loved it, beautifuly written~

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