Stop Child Abuse

I just wanted to share this video of another campaign by the always original and wonderful Full Stop Advertisement. As a future pediatrician and an avid advocate for children’s rights, I found this to be very touching and deserves every bit of attention. It’s a good thing that media in the last few years has been addressing this issue and I believe more efforts toward increasing the public’s awareness of child abuse is warranted and long time overdue.

A few months ago, I have attended a grand meeting held at KAUH led by Dr. Soad Jaber, an associate professor and a consultant pediatrician, and head of Child Abuse Committee in the hospital who’s also a board member of many child rights and charity agencies. It’s clearly a problem and better rules and regulations need to be implemented in Saudi Arabia to prevent it from happening.

Unfortunately, it’s late now and I’m too tired to talk lengthly about it but I hope you watch the video and share it with your friends so we can all do our part.

PS. Doha ya doha, the chant you are hearing is an old and traditional Hejazi lullaby mothers used to sing to their children back in the days and hopefully will continue to do so.

You can get it on your mobile phone through MBC Mobile Services by calling 700-522-000 if you live in Saudi Arabia.

9 thoughts on “Stop Child Abuse”

  1. I absolutely think this ad campaign is fantastic. I keep the TV on all day just to listen to the music. It makes me cry. Well done. Amazing JOB. I love the concept

  2. Raghda,
    It’s a brilliant campaign. It’s a great sign of progress to have so many social awareness campaigns in the last couple of years. It’s even true for medical awareness and other aspects. This particular one is outstanding in my opinion because it touches on a very important topic and very well executed. The song is amazing.

  3. Thank u for posting the add, as a mother of one of the survivors, I wish more and more is done specially in schools directed towards the kids to help them protect themselves from abusers from within the family. God bless

  4. د. سعاد , عظيمة , مؤمنة , وطبيبة فذة , تحمل قلبا يعرف للرحمة معنى لذا هي رئيسة اللجنة , إلهي يحفظها ولتكن قدوة نحذو حذوها

  5. Amal,
    God bless you and your child. More awareness is definitely needed.

    Did we meet? I don’t really remember. Remind me if you don’t mind.
    Thanks for passing by.

    A fellow admirer for Dr. Soad I see 🙂

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