The End

I can see the flames turning into dust
The morning that did not last quite enough
The memories turning into undesirable rust
Of something that once resembled love
The bittersweet taste of finales lingers
The salty tears that resonate regrets
Like missing an amputated finger
You know it’s not there yet you always forget 
You keep seeing flashbacks in your head
Life seems much more beautiful in hindsight
We obliterate the bad and think of good instead
In the darkness, you always visualize light
Meaningless words that are politely exchanged
Of weather and other trivial subjects
Of promises we won’t keep when we’re estranged
Of emotions comparable to those of inanimate objects
Plans crumbling down like a Lego tower
Pathways leading into uncharted territories
Seconds weigh down on us like hours
As we realize we came to the end of our story

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