Please accept this overpriced coffee
Take your time. Smell it and drink it slowly
Enjoy the ambiance and my company today
Who knows if tomorrow we’d cross pathways
Tell me a secret that no one else knows
Allow me a glimpse into your inner soul
Share a dark tear or a broken smile
Make these five minutes worth the while
Feel the liberty in sharing truths with a stranger
Resist the hesitation and insensible sense of danger
What is it that defines who you are?
What is it that keeps you together and cuts you apart?
Believe me it was not my intention to see your tears
But I can’t say I’m not glad that I was here
Let’s talk about the weather and other trivial subjects
Let’s ignore disappointments and deep regrets
I love your nervous slightly embarrassed laugh
How do you feel letting go of what you had?
It’s running safely in my bloodstream
A piece of you shall forever remain within me
Forget your job, your family and friends
This is a moment that shall last after it ends
Could I interest you in a secret of mine?
There was once this time…

2 thoughts on “Secret”

  1. Idol!!!!such a wonderful SECRET…revealed.Keep it up Dr.Bassem,you’ve got a fan here.Pediatrics missi’n you a lot.Take care.

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