Sleep has been evading me
Lying on a strange bed in a strange room
The pillows are persuading me
But there’s no comfort here without you
I restlessly toss and turn
My mind is perceiving the bed as steel
With nails and fire, it pricks and burns
Your distance arouses the insomniac in me
I have been studying the ceiling
And I imagine seeing your beautiful face
Are you peacefully sleeping?
Or are you awake feeling lost and displaced?
I don’t smell you in the sheets
This generic softener doesn’t remind me of home
Wherever I can feel your heartbeats
Is where I want to be, is where I belong
The hours are slowly passing by
And sunrays are shyly sneaking through the window
But they don’ reflect on your eyes
It’s just another morning without your morning glow


P.S. I miss you

7 thoughts on “Insomnia”

  1. Wow what a beautiful piece. Every visit to this website is like a celebration bro. I admire and look upto your writing standards, touches the heart and strikes the mind undoubtedly..

  2. I would say “Wow” but i’d much rather say *Ma Shaa Allah*

    “Your distance arouses the insomniac in me” << Beautiful~
    A Well-written piece doc! i guess everyone has an insomaniac within, regardless of cause 🙂

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