40’000 Reasons to Keep Writing

Since July 2008, bassemkurdi.com has been visited over 40’000 times. Not bad, eh?! I posted this when it was first launched.

I have been blogging since 2003 under an alias and then I think back in 2005, I have assumed my real name online. I remember in those early years how the blogging scene was about to explode with the expanding number of Saudi youth following the trend and creating their own blogs. Needless to say, Facebook has been kicking blogging’s ass and now Twitter is the new trend that’s suffocating blogging, in the Saudi atmosphere, at least, I might say. I don’t have any concrete data. It’s just my own impression of what’s going on.

Useless Stats:
There are 181 published posts in 10 categories since June 2006 (Including my old blog’s posts)
There are 1,839 comments on those posts.
My number one all time refer is my Facebook page.
My top post is the Layla main page .
The number one search term for finding this blog is: دعاء الاستخارة  then ramadan kareem followed by bassem kurdi. Apparently, I’m being googled O_o

So, in the end, I’d like to say thank you to all those 40’000 readers (I know it’s hits, not individual readers but I’m entertaining myself) especially those who were there from the start.

I don’t want to promise you anything but I’m planning something big that I hope can be realized very soon. You pray for me.

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