Everything is Temporary

I never thought that this day would ever come

I guess everything is temporary if given enough time

There is still so much to be said and done

Promises I didn’t keep, miles I didn’t walk, treasurers I didn’t find


There’s no epiphany, no silver lining in the clouds

There’s no meaning. It’s just another senseless random event

So don’t beat your little weary mind trying to figure it out

I just hope that you find some peace as you begin to forget


Day by day, you will lose the details of my face

It might upset you not to remember how I used to smile

As you accumulate new memories, old ones of me will be replaced

I would just like it if you could think of me every once in a while


Recollection is how souls visit each other when apart

My voice may become distant and my words unclear

But these moments will live for eternity in your heart

I shall remain with you even if I’m no longer here


I can taste all the salty tears you shed tonight

Dry those eyes of yours and embrace my departure

Can’t you hear the music? Don’t you see the light?

I’m leaving but I’ll get closer to you as I go farther


2 thoughts on “Everything is Temporary”

  1. A poem that anyone can relate to. I like the closure. It has hope, peace, faithfulness & acceptance. All in few lines. Thank you for sharing.
    Kind Regards,

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