Everything is Temporary

I never thought that this day would ever come

I guess everything is temporary if given enough time

There is still so much to be said and done

Promises I didn’t keep, miles I didn’t walk, treasurers I didn’t find


There’s no epiphany, no silver lining in the clouds

There’s no meaning. It’s just another senseless random event

So don’t beat your little weary mind trying to figure it out

I just hope that you find some peace as you begin to forget


Day by day, you will lose the details of my face

It might upset you not to remember how I used to smile

As you accumulate new memories, old ones of me will be replaced

I would just like it if you could think of me every once in a while


Recollection is how souls visit each other when apart

My voice may become distant and my words unclear

But these moments will live for eternity in your heart

I shall remain with you even if I’m no longer here


I can taste all the salty tears you shed tonight

Dry those eyes of yours and embrace my departure

Can’t you hear the music? Don’t you see the light?

I’m leaving but I’ll get closer to you as I go farther


Final Step

I act strong even though I’m not

False confidence can only take me so far

I conjure all the will I’ve got

I’m the black hole that once used to be a star


Everyone is looking up to me

It’s not easy to fail someone beside yourself

But maybe this is the most I could be

Can’t you hear the ringing of the bells?


I’ve shed sweat, blood and tears

I sacrificed all that I could sacrifice

I’m satisfied that I’ve made it here

But I can see the faith in your eyes


Don’t burden me with your expectations

My shoulder is too weak

I can no longer tolerate this misidentification

I can hear the words you don’t speak


I will take this final step

Even if it will lead to my inevitable demise

It’s the poison I’ll happily sip

For the sake of that foolish sense of pride

My Last Morning

The sun rays slowly sneak through the blinds
I open my eyes in momentary oblivion to the dim truth
It dawns on me that you are not by my side
I close my eyes to complete my dream of you


I hide under the covers from the cruel world
I’ll stay safe in here imagining you in my head
In the silence I can easily hear your words
“Good morning.” I usually smile but now I cry instead


My feet touch the cold floor and my brain awakes
I robotically brush my teeth while staring at the mirror
I look into my own eyes filled with despair and I break
What good is my reflection standing alone without yours?


It’s a difficult task choosing the clothes to wear
I stand there unable to make a simple decision
I pick what’s closest to me and I just don’t care
I remember how you always say it’s art and precision


I drink my coffee black and bitter like my soul
I flip through the morning newspapers mindlessly 
I inhale my cigarette hoping the smoke will fill the hole
Every day I keep repeating the cycle endlessly 


I turn off the lights in the apartment and in me
Today I will not go through the routine life motions
This is my last morning, I seek the permanent dream
With a smile and a sunny backdrop, I walk into the ocean


Am I your dream?

Or only the person you wake up to?

Am I the destination?

Or the journey you had to go through?


Am I your reason to cry?

Or the just the shoulder to cry on?

Am I your sacred secret?

Or the trophy you show to everyone?


Did you wait for me?

Or did I just show up in the right moment?

When you’re heart was vulnerable

And it was ready to be easily stolen?


Did you fight for me?

Would you take me for granted?

Do you have a scar for me?

To guide you to me when you’re stranded


We as humans tend to forget

Victories should never come cheap

I’ve lost some of me to find you

You’ll never smile until you weep


Am I your mountain?

The epiphany of blood, sweat and tears

Am I truly worth it?

Standing up to all that you love and fear?


Because you are my purpose

You are the only fate I choose

The leap of faith I take blindly

Having you is having something to lose