I must say I love the fake sad look in your eyes
You almost had me fooled there for a minute
I almost believed it wasn’t just another lie
But I recognized the untruthfulness that lies within it
I must say I love the way you lower your voice
When you say that you never meant to hurt me
When you say you’re sorry but it’s your choice
I guess it’s your damn right to hurt whomever you please
Who’s to say that it’s not ok to break my heart?
That you can’t say I love you and not mean it?
Who’s to say that you can’t tear me apart?
That you can’t make love and not even feel it?
You live by your own rules and regulations
Hurt. Fake. Take. Make a promise and break it
Your cold heart will resolve the hardest situation
When you’re tired of an old love just trade it
I just want to say that you can’t hurt me anymore
I’ve finally found peace and put myself back together
Now I can easily see what I couldn’t see before
I simply deserve someone better