3rd Medical Students’ Research Day

I urge all my fellow KAU medics and those from other colleges to submit their abstracts and if they don’t have a research project,  to show up and learn a few things that might give them that jump-start!

What’s new this time is that the speakers will all be junior doctors and fresh graduates who have published papers of their own instead of the usual senior and more experienced presenters. The organizing committee felt that this will make the presentations simpler and closer to the students’ level in addition to showing them that getting published isn’t that impossible of a goal. Eventually, a little bit of inspiration is what we all need!

Medkaau.com Event Page
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P.S. If you haven’t guessed it, I’m one of those speakers. You better show up!

Toward the Real Life Presentations

Toward the Real Life Day, which was held on December 9 at KAUH, proved to be a huge success. I estimate that there were around 500 students in the auditorium that day, if not more. All the speakers were outstanding and I’m positive that the benefit the attendees got was beyond expectations. The reviews so far are overwhelming.

There’s a lot of work to be done when it comes to educating and counseling the students about their future career options and the best ways to achieve them. We have been trying for over a year and a half to provide this service with the Career Counseling Center but on December 2nd we heard good news that the Student Support Unit was finally established with a sub-unit for career counseling. Personally I will cease all these activities due to my close departure date to the states to prepare for my my license exams and to complete my pediatric residency there.

Anyway, the full list of presentations can be found on the Event’s Facebook Page.

My own presentations can be found on this 4shared.com account:

  • How to Write a CV
  • How to Pass the Interview
  • How to Plan Your Internship

I hope they will be of use to all of you!

2nd Medical students’ Research Day

This Thursday, April 16th, I’ll be presenting one of my researches entitled, “Do We Need Career Counseling? Evaluating Medical Students’ Knowledge About Postgraduate Career Options” inshallah. It clearly touches on a very important topic that hasn’t been sufficiently studied in Saudi medical colleges yet. Hopefully this will shed a light on this issue and aid us in starting the process of fixing it. Our project, Career Counseling Center, is still under development and inshallah it will be fully running by next year.