Deserted Shelf

I dream of her and I don’t care
If she’s dreaming of someone else
I wish her heaven and for that I’m willing to go to hell
She smiles and I smile back
By doing so I only hurt myself
I store my feelings in a box and put it up on a deserted shelf
My mouth bleeds from inside
Cut by the words trapped within
Somehow she has broken my defenses and let herself in
She has complete power over me
And being weak makes me scared
I fear one day I’ll look for her and I won’t find her there
Taken away by another man
Stolen from my pleasant dreams
But if my loss means her happiness then it’s fine with me

Closer Than My Veins

I try to keep my distance
But I don’t see the difference
You’re closer than my veins are
At night I say a little prayer
To wake up and not find you there
Still residing inside of my heart
I try to rip you off my skin
But you’re attached deeply within
Between memories and old scars
I ruin this perfect picture
Of you and me together
I taint it with black tears and tar
How I hate photographs
The happiness we used to have
Seems unrealistic and exceedingly far
Let it all burn to the ground
We are all destined to fall down
I just pray next time I don’t fall this hard

My Something Beautiful

In the middle of the darkness
A ray of light can give you hope
That anything is possible
In the middle of the ugliness
Something beautiful can make you go on
You are my something beautiful
And I’m not asking you to heal my wound
Just keep me from bleeding
If only for a little while
And squeeze my hand in yours gently
Give me a little strength
So that I can face the world with a smile
Inspire me with the words to write
You are my muse
You are the never ending poem
Help me escape the awful reality
Visit me in my sleep
In my pleasant dreams you belong

So Much..

So much to say, yet no words are spoken
So much to feel, yet no emotions are invested
Are we brave enough to risk getting our hearts broken?
Should we fight for love or let it pass unprotested?
So much to give, yet we hold back within
So much to take, yet we refuse to recieve
Fear of the end won’t allow us to begin
It’s easier to claim that it’s all a lie we won’t believe