Am I your dream?

Or only the person you wake up to?

Am I the destination?

Or the journey you had to go through?


Am I your reason to cry?

Or the just the shoulder to cry on?

Am I your sacred secret?

Or the trophy you show to everyone?


Did you wait for me?

Or did I just show up in the right moment?

When you’re heart was vulnerable

And it was ready to be easily stolen?


Did you fight for me?

Would you take me for granted?

Do you have a scar for me?

To guide you to me when you’re stranded


We as humans tend to forget

Victories should never come cheap

I’ve lost some of me to find you

You’ll never smile until you weep


Am I your mountain?

The epiphany of blood, sweat and tears

Am I truly worth it?

Standing up to all that you love and fear?


Because you are my purpose

You are the only fate I choose

The leap of faith I take blindly

Having you is having something to lose