Innocent Substance

Would you leave my core, please?
You’ve taken residence inside of me for too long
And I apologize for saying that I’m tired
But my desire for you has simply gotten too strong
I can’t contain it any more than I have
Being this close to you is suicidal in my case
I need to escape from my dreams of you
Take away the images of your beautiful face
You’re an addiction that runs through my veins
I couldn’t quit you no matter how hard I tried
You’re an innocent substance, my dear
So unaware of my dependence on you to survive
I wish to touch the inner part of your soul
To be let in because I’m still at the surface
But I guess I don’t have the key to unlock you
You don’t seem to intend to let down your defenses
I feel that you know you own me completely
You just don’t like to acknowledge you have such power
Convince yourself that you don’t mean anything to me
When everything is so clear in this fateful hour
Here you go; this is my heart as a gift
I know it’s not much but it beats your name
I don’t have use for it, at least not any time soon
Keep it with you until the day we meet again